Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a simple, effective way to create the change you want. Through special relaxation techniques, the practitioner will help you to enter into a deeply relaxed state, called the ‘theta state’, where our brainwave signals are a lot more organised and less random. In this state the power of suggestion is magnified enormously. The state created during Hypnotherapy is nothing new or scary, rather a natural state of mind that is experience on a daily basis and is the mind’s way of taking time out to process the experiences and learning’s of the day.

Hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious mind, when you are deeply relaxed you are operating automatically rather than thinking consciously. While in that unthinking trance-like state, you are more open and connected to the area of the mind where learned behaviour patterns and blocks come from. With subtle suggestion you are able to change your outlook to a more positive position quickly and simply. You can help tailor your own scripts deciding exactly what you need reinforced to create healthy positive change easily.

First of all – thank you, Jane, for having been such an important part in my journey to recovery. I have been seeing Jane for a little bit over a year to overcome my eating disorder, which I had for more then 15 years (and I tried so many other treatments before). Hypnotherapy has helped so much during this journey. I remember my first hypnotherapy clearly; I came home feeling so much stronger, confident, happy and motivated, but most importantly I felt that I could overcome this disease and I also for the first time in many years I was able to eat a normal meal. Jane has been amazing, she remembers and listens and makes one feel absolutely comfortable during the hypnotherapy sessions. Thanks again Jane!

- Lena

Firstly. I was not paid to write this post. Jane.... I thank you. I can't pay you as much as I want to thank you. You know why. When I went to see you that first day I was so sad. My daughter had told me that she had seen you, for quitting smoking, which she did. Straight after her first visit with you.
I had lost all hope for my well being when I called you for that first appointment. What your hypnotherapy has done for me, I cannot believe. My life has changed. I went to you only three times, but I know that if I ever felt a loss of myself again, I would not have a second thought about calling you for a top up, although I don't think I'll ever need it.
Thank you again Jane. Yours is a great gift. Keep up the good work.

- Christine Tanner

To those considering making that lifestyle change of bettering their health by stopping smoking, through hypnotherapy. I highly recommend you see Jane @ Kundalini house. I walked in a smoker, and walked out a non-smoker, after my 1st session. I am now still a non-smoker 9 months later. I've got more energy & vitality since quitting; & no desire to go back to that lifestyle.

- Steven Meyer

To be honest, I doubted that Hypnotherapy would have any effect on me, but was keen to get rid of my smoking habit and had tried Champix, Cold Turkey and other methods to no avail. I was referred by a friend who had been to see Jane and was amazed at how easy it was. After completing the program I was never inclined to even think about smoking again. After 30 years as a heavy smoker I am thrilled to have reclaimed my health and my life again. I look and feel younger happier and even less stressed.
Thanks Jane I would refer anyone to you considering quitting. It was so easy.

- Tony Prado

Dear Jane,
We just want to thank you kindly for our Hypnobirthing experience. The techniques really helped enable our baby Sam; it was a natural safe and healthy delivery. I found great confidence in the breathwork and deep relaxation techniques taught in Hypnobirthing and could not have done it without you.

- With love Sarah Steven and baby Sam Charmley